Molly Cutpurse

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A Life Lived

ISBN 978-1-4709-8733-6

Published 2006

Republished 2011

Republished 2019 2021

Print length: 327 pages

Language: English

A Life, Lived is best described as counterfactual, and originated from real events. The Thompson and Bywaters’ affair, which, during 1922-23, scandalized England. Stepping into Edith's life, we are shown events which could have been. An authentic life, emotionally moving and even humorous.

A Life, Lived is a family saga concentrating on the life of Edith Thompson had she been allowed to live. It focuses on her one child, her new husband, her family and profession. We journey with her as the twentieth century unfolds, as she experiences the Second World War, and after into her old age. She begins new relationships, watches her grandchild and her other adopted children grow. Finally, she remarries, moves out of the country, and finds refuge from the publicity she has generated all her life. The publicity of the woman who was nearly hung.

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