Molly Cutpurse

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Lord Glayva is a vicious and unforgiving aristocratic who has the means of travelling across the centuries. After betraying him once too many times, his sulky and vindictive lady assistant, Velvet, assisted by the plucky and occasionally funny, Anne Boleyn and her apoplectic mother, Elizabeth the First become friends with two men from modern day London. It’s a recipe for the most ludicrous of wacky adventures as they attempt to stay one step ahead of the psychopathic Lord.

Alien Queens is a fantastic time-travel comedy that takes ‘The Grandfather Paradox’, and mocks it relentlessly before wringing its neck and throwing its dead body on a heap!

Author’s note: If you have already purchased Alien Queens One and/or Two or, The Angry Time-Travelling Lord on the Kindle before 2 March 2015, please don’t buy again. I have rewritten it, but it’s basically the same story.

ISBN: 978-1-326-58163-3

Published 2009

Print length: 212 pages

Language: English


The Time Map!!