Molly Cutpurse

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Four years on from crazily jumping about the centuries after putting right half a dozen wrongs is a long time. Long enough for the seasoned time-travelling duo, Stewart and Frankie to marry and become respectable...

Until a sharp lady journalist threatens them with exposure because of a tiny, tiny error that the jocular Frankie once made near the Tower of London.

Intimidated and coerced into submission if they do not comply to her one abnormal request, with the help of their friend Anne Boleyn and their other friend, the beautiful alien, Velvet, Stewart and Frankie begin another wild and surreal adventure moving through time and other realities.

But is Anne now ready for love after meeting the cunning and duplicitous, Smithers? Why is Stewart’s deceased mother alive? How does the very dead Glayva fit into it all? And heavens…Frankie with a full head of hair?

Naturally, Molly Flaguline, their narrator is on hand to tell you of their travels, and also to explain how her penmanship has improved and why Frankie and Stewart are not the same gay ridiculing couple as they used to be.

ISBN: 978-1-326-58169-5

Published 2016

Print length: 332 pages

Language: English