Molly Cutpurse

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eBook or paperback, you can trust;

ISBN: 978-1-326-58169-5

Published 2016

Print length: 332 pages

Language: English

The fifth and possibly the final time-travelling, mind-boggling adventures of Stewart, Frankie, Velvet and Anne Boleyn ought to have you reaching for your pity stick as Molly F, their narrator, many times felt obliged to apologise for her lack of skill in replicating their adventure. But how could she when she was forced to deal with Frankie, an older Frankie, Stewart and an older Stewart, a younger Velvet and an old Insane Velvet?

Nevertheless, along with being blackmailed by Stewart and Frankie’s new millennial neighbours, the essential recovery of a Traveller at the place where the android of Anne Boleyn was once executed and trying to understand how a close friend of Anne could be remembered and yet not exist, all becomes reasonably probable under the pen of Molly F.