Molly Cutpurse

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Published 2020

Print length: 142 pages

Language: English

In this sixth and possibly final book, the combined strain of time-travelling over such a long period has finally burst causing unexpected and tragic consequences. Stewart undergoes an unthinkable life-changing transformation, Frankie and others do something unimaginable while other marriages and relationships are shattered.

In attempting to recover Velvet’s gold machine which has been stolen, and attempting to rescue Molly’s assumed sister from 1800, a vicious psychopathic killer is let loose in modern London essentially changing it. Imagine no World War One and Two and no Tesco!  In attempting to correct their errors, even the notion of Christianity is eventually threatened.

Glayva’s former wife, the group’s wordsmith, pleaded for the ending to be as jocular as her first book, but life will never be the same again for the friends of, Alien Queens.