Molly Cutpurse

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ISBN-10: ‎ 144527759X

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1445277592

Published 2020

Print length: 166 pages

Language: English

Molly F, your essential chronicler from 1801 is not happy. By her own admittance she is what is known in literary circles as an unreliable narrator. But given the unorthodox, dangerous and interminable circumstances that had the possibility to turn a person upside down, inside out and virtually insane, how could she be otherwise?

Nevertheless, this question must be asked. Is what has happened up to the present day, really her responsibility? Because, what is written here is the truth as told to her by her friends.

Since 2019, when she had agreed to Velvet’s request that she documented their exploits, Molly, to all intents,  virtually illiterate at the time, agreed as she had the assistance of the great JF.

She imagined, given her early nineteen-century intellect at the time that it would be interesting and even a pleasure documenting Velvet and Anne’s relationship grow and Stewart and Frankie’s misjudged cynicism for each other as well as officially cataloguing all that happened in their crazy misadventures travelling through the centuries.

Except here we are in 2035, the last of her heptalogy, finding herself dealing with emotional tragic events about which she or her friends had hardly any experience at all.