Molly Cutpurse

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ISBN 978-1-4710-9423-1

Published: March 2012

Print Length:121 pages

Language: English

London, 2013. Bad Girl is a modern story about Angela Tenneb, an attractive psychopathic London woman. She is a drug dealer, addict, bully, thief and extortionist.

She was once a happy and innocent child of a contented family. That was before she and her twin sister, Ann arrived home from school one hot summer afternoon in the 1990s to find their mother laughing insanely in a room awash with blood.

Now, in 2013, Angela pits herself against society, pushing boundaries. She has become a bad girl. But events near Christmas, when her mother is released from prison, becomes a weekend when the bad girl becomes truly evil, adding kidnapping and murder to her villainy.

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