Molly Cutpurse

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Carry On Corsets

ISBN 978-1-84753-137-7

Published: February 2007

Print Length:114 pages

Language: English

A comedy set in 1972 about a battle between an ancient and respectable company of corset makers and, Aphrodisiac, a place of swinging, knicker-clad females.

eBook or paperback, you can trust;

Sir Cyril Strumpet The Third--Kenneth Williams.

Lord Strumpet--Peter Butterworth.

Frederick Hofen-Stoffen-Hoffen-Stoffen--Jim Dale.

Miss Demi More--Hattie Jacques.

Mr. Muff--Charles Hawtrey.

Sidney Rabbit--Sidney James.

Bunny Rabbit--Joan Sims.

Munchie--Bernard Bresslaw.

Ever Perky--Barbara Windsor.

Libby Rabbit--Patsy Rowlands.

Mr. Tesy--Frankie Howerd.

The Reverend Thrush--Kenneth Connor.

Anton Cashmere--Leslie Phillips.

Harmony Didit--Esma Cannon.

Miss Tumbledown--Valerie Leon

As I see the cast.