Molly Cutpurse

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Daffodils In Autumn

ISBN 978-4457-4259-5

Published: 2005

Republished: April 2018

Print Length:595 pages

Language: English

eBook or paperback, you can trust;

An autumn break for a young London mother . . . An isolated stretch of Dorset coastline . . . An unexplained phenomenon . . .

Daffodils in Autumn tells the unusual story of Sheryl Walters and her harrowing descent into paranoia and derangement as she and her daughter’s past, present and future become meaningless, as nothing appears to be what it is.

Daffodils In Autumn has been described as a psychological time-travel fantasy. To offer a synopsis of the plot would be impossible without spoiling it as it does not contain a predictable ending but is, in its entirety, a kink.

However, it appears to be about a modern young, poorly-educated mother and what happens to her and her daughter when they find themselves under impossible and inescapable circumstances.