Molly Cutpurse

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ISBN 978-1-4457-0689-4

Published: March 2010

Print Length:348 pages

Language: English

A story of retribution and redemption set in an intelligent, dystopian capitalist society obsessively consumed with consumer voting and finance.

Livina is an orphan, who has been trained from birth in, Brook, a state-run, military-style training camp, to become an executioner working at High Tower Transmissions, a privately owned UK prison which is owned by the multinational company, Mergam whose profitable influence extends to the upper echelons of parliament.

Mergam makes its money by allowing visual transmissions of its authorised punishments by terrestrial transmission and the Internet. Through a twenty-four hour, pay-as-you-watch scheme, the worldwide audience can attempt to amend the decisions of the courts. Often, the fate of reviled prisoners can be altered by how many votes have been cast. The amount of votes can dictate the punishment, which are varied.

Livina however, has an inherent kindness about her, almost a spirituality, even though she consistently remains true to her military-style upbringing, wholeheartedly convinced that her actions are helping society to become a better place. Therefore, occasionally she brings about a swift ending on those upon whom she is charged to carry out the ultimate punishment.

However, she is friendless, suffers from a type of borderline Aspergers condition, has an obsessive-compulsive character, and is to a greater extent, unemotional and distant because of her high position.

Nevertheless, she befriends a childhood friend by the name of Winter, who has fallen on hard times, and entered the system himself on minor charges. Against the rules, Livina falls deeply in love, and becomes pregnant.

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