Molly Cutpurse

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I arrived back in 1870

ISBN: 978-0-244-15972-6

Published: February 2019

Pages: 235

Language: English

Luna is not in the best place mentally. Nobody except her friend Sophia fully realizes what has happened to her. Only Luna knows the power and influence Mr Quick has over her life and the way he has altered her thoughts. As much as she is unable to erase the child, Rose from her thoughts, she feels a great need to rescue her but finds herself lacking in courage. But then Mr Quick, running to his own unknown and mysterious agenda, makes the decision for her and therefore Luna is once again plunged back in time with the intention of rescuing Rose. Who is not the child she remembers. However, the vagaries of time-travel mess with her once again, this time equally severely as she is forced to face two nineteenth century sinners and criminals. The rescue succeeds…but can Luna be sure that her adventure is now over?