Molly Cutpurse

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I was coerced to go to 1913

Published: January 2022

Language: English

157 pages

The sixth adventure in the Time Girl series sees Luna’s mind beginning to  unravel as she attempts to more fully understand Mr Quick’s reasons why he choose her and why he continues to send her to the past.

She is beginning to feel that the secretive man and herself are somehow connected as he judges her capable of delivering a letter to her son, James in 1913, who is now forty-three years of age.

Although at first the plan appears to succeed, an encounter with a murderer derails it setting in motion a series of events that does nothing to ease Luna’s fragile mind.

When combined with the constant and tiresome efforts of the reporter, Tris Green who is determined to get her story, Luna’s frustration and mental health suffers. Particularly when she and her friend, Sophia continue to look after Iris, Rose and Asim whom she had brought from the past and who continue to have problems adjusting to 2021.

Yet one more trip, this time to a place previously unimaginable, causes Luna to doubt her sanity.