Molly Cutpurse

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I was sent to 1840

Published: February 2023

Language: English

157 pages

After four and a half arduous years, Luna’s seventh and final adventure under the administration of the mysterious Mr Quick, finds her tired and emotional. Yet, just as she is fatalistic to experience another exploit, answers and enlightenment arrive from an unexpected quarter. Which concurrently makes her angry and yet gives her the courage to continue.

Sent to spend a year in 1840, proves to be a dark period for Luna and Tris as they are exposed to the extremely unpleasant dying legacy of the French Revolution and a psychopathic man who exists where he should not be.

However, by now, at almost twenty-eight years old, Luna forces herself to make one of the most profound and hardest decisions of her life and she optimistically hopes she will be able to end what ought to have ended years previously and do what is right for not only all concerned but for her future and the rest of her life.