Molly Cutpurse

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I was sent to 1840

Published: February 2023

Language: English

157 pages

During the summer of 2021. Luna settled into complacency. She enjoys her job at the MusicRoom and shares Sophia's flat. However, her relationship with her parents has not thawed as they still refuse to believe her story.

But, in November, Mr Quick visits her again and tells her that once she does one last trip for him, then he will never visit her again. She immediately and strongly refuses but then when Mr Quick offers her an impossible arrangement and it’s one she simply cannot refuse. Therefore, with great reluctance, she agrees and as Sophia wants to go with her, they travel to 1968 to the same house in Royal Crescent where their instructions are to steal a rare bible from its library.

The assignment itself was simple enough but Luna had not reckoned for Sophia to fall hopelessly in love with a disreputable man. Therefore, Luna returns by herself bringing with her a young Egyptian servant, Asim and that seems to be the end of that. Except when she visits Camille in Park Street, a shocking event takes place which must be resolved.