Molly Cutpurse

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Molly was born in Stratford, Essex in 1952, and raised in nearby Leyton, developing a lifelong interest in literature from an early age. Writing is the only activity that gives her life meaning.

Her preferred book is a dictionary and she often finds joy with the correct placement of a single word. She is noted for including 'easter eggs' in much of her work and she delights in incorporating coincidences and parallels from our real world.

A polymath, transgendered, shy, slightly synaesthete with a predilection for the supernatural since childhood, and now reclusive, as of September of 2021, she has just completed her 76th novel.

She is officially a best seller, being the 94th 'most read' on Amazon. And recently was informed that her portrait, as a transgendered writer, is now hanging in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and is now a part of the museum's permanent collection.

A lifelong migraine and panic sufferer, her work reflects the subterranean, saturnian, plutonic, spiritual, solar and luna aspects of human existence as she continuously attempt to understand our world. A lifelong fascination with time, abandonment, love and death are four qualities which motivate her.

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28 April 2022

Updated, September 2021.

After almost fifty years of being trans, my life is once again being transformed as I no longer consider myself transgendered. This is a painful transition, almost like a death and therefore it has had a remarkable effect on me. Each time I look into a mirror I no longer see the person you see to your left. However, I do not yet have the courage to place a photograph of my current appearance. Perhaps there will come a time when I can find that.