Molly Cutpurse

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Jean was born in Stratford, Essex, UK in 1952, and raised in nearby Leyton, developing an interest in books from the age of three when his mother took him the local library. Writing is the only activity that gives his life meaning.

His favourite book is a dictionary and he is noted for including 'easter eggs' in much of his work and incorporating coincidences and parallels from our real world.

Reserved, slightly synaesthete with a predilection for the supernatural since childhood, as of March 2023, Jean has completed his 82nd novel.

He is officially a best seller, once being the 94th 'most read' on Amazon. And recently was informed that his portrait, as a once transgendered writer, is now hanging in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and is now a part of the museum's permanent collection.

A lifelong migraine and panic sufferer, Jean’s work reflects the subterranean, saturnian, plutonic, spiritual, solar and luna aspects of human existence as he continuously attempts to understand our world. A lifelong fascination with time, abandonment, love and death are four qualities which motivate him.

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January 2024

Updated, February 2024.

After fifty years of being trans, my life is once again being transformed as I no longer consider myself transgendered. This is a painful transition, almost like a death and therefore it has had a remarkable effect on me. I am now into my fourth year of de-transition. Each time I look into a mirror I no longer see the person to your left.