Molly Cutpurse

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Lies, Secrets and Infidelity

ISBN: 978-1-291-93811-1

Published: July 2014

Print Length:

Language: English

When Mr Cropper, a sordid and rather disreputable one-legged, one eyed, London private investigator arrives in Torquay in the summer of 1955, he allows people to believe he is a tourist. Hired by the young and recently qualified Doctor April Fox to investigate the death of her elderly father who had taken his own life and mother who was almost buried alive, Mr Cropper undertakes the task of unraveling the multiple occasions of, unlicenced distillery offences, blackmail, adultery, suicide and incest that exist behind the town’s sweet and gentle facade as one by one he exposes the sordid and complex family secrets of a few of its most respectable funereal businesses, and even the devoutly religious clergy.