Molly Cutpurse

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Published: June 2024

Language: English

393 words

ISBN: 9798834256366

Dartmoor, twenty three days before Christmas 1962 and England is about to suffer the coldest winter in living memory where temperatures plummeted and lakes, rivers and sections of sea froze as blizzards and gusts reaching force eight swept across South West England.

Natalie and Alice Acker are twin sisters who, along with their younger brother, Robert, run a non profit charity for their horse and donkey sanctuary.

One evening, when they hear their border collie barking continuously, Natalie enters their largest barn where she sees a dark figure of a man lying unconscious on the straw covered floor and mysteriously notice there was no sign of how he arrived there.

It was the beginning of a set of unusual circumstances that would profoundly affect the Acker family.