Molly Cutpurse

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It is the summer of 1945, and Miriam and her extended family are weary but disciplined by war, and accustomed to austerity. Throughout this period, she deals with more deaths, ill health, moving house, rationing and accidents; all the while guiding her loved ones through the deprivation and destitution that is the East-End of London. Yet, there are births, a new relationship for her and marriages. Conscription and the introduction of the National Health arrive at the end in 1948. As with, Miriam's War, and, A Year in Holloway, she copes daily, struggling with a situation that is unique and difficult. Her pathos, determination, humour and love are all she has.

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Miriam's Family Life

ISBN: 978-1-291-06288-5

Published: September 2012

Print Length: 372 pages

Language: English

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