Molly Cutpurse

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Miriam's Silver Years Part Two

ISBN: 978-1-291-36949-6

Published: March 2013

Print Length: 306 pages

Language: English

The seventh story about Miriam B takes place between the turbulent year of 1955 and the stimulating one of 1963. During this crucial time, a previously unknown family member shockingly makes himself known, she enjoys the holiday of a lifetime, the hub of her close family falls apart and she makes a final decision whether to stay in the East End or live out her years by the coast.

The Second World War and her time in Holloway Prison is now a distant memory. However, apart from the changes in her family, particularly as the decade of the, ’swinging sixties’ arrive, she retains the love of her loyal husband, Roy, and still enjoys her enduring friendship with Rafa.

Miriam is now a dutiful grandmother, an extraordinarily fabulous aunt of an ever-increasingly large family, a servant of the community, and as a woman proudly moving from middle age into the remaining years of her life, a matriarchal force to be reckoned with.