Molly Cutpurse

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Miss Wetherby’s Challenges in 1942

ISBN: 9798787202052

Published: December 2021

Pages 395

Language: English

By the close of 1942, Miss Wetherby could certainly count on ten fingers the amount of challenges she had had to endue during that year .

By the middle of the summer, news concerning the European war at least was promising as the Wehrmacht had seemingly and finally met their match against the Russians along the Eurasian steppes.

Taking each day one at a time, Clementine and Aadhirai continued to engage and participate on the home front overcoming every obstacle that arrives with cups of tea and home grown fortitude.

From being close to death at the beginning of the year to having an increased amount of hope and trust that the end of the military action could be in sight by December, through Jeremy’s increasing love for her and Aadhirai’s loyal friendship, through prayer, moments of joy and high spirits, she endures the hardness of rationing, personal pain, dramatic loss of close friends, and even the deaths of those whom she would called friends.