Molly Cutpurse

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Miss Wetherby’s Path to Victory, 1943, 1944, 1945.


Published: March 2022

Pages 200

Language: English

There was no doubt that four years of war were finally taking its toil on Clementine and her family and friends. To the point that she, Jeremy and Aadhirai found themselves fatigued as many more demands were made on them.

Although the once promised Nazi invasion never materialised, that did not mean that working towards a successful end of the war could stop. Women who were working as maids and cooks found themselves ordered to work in factories while those men who came of age were ordered to report for military service. Ordinary men and women made distressing sacrifices and more than a few of Clementine and Aadhirai’s friends were taken one by one leaving ruptures in their lives that would not easily heal.

At night, a disordered London was still a dangerous city populated by thieves and looters who took advantage of the continuing blackout. And while the arrival of American troops injected new and unexpected life into those who were so tired but who welcomed them, friends and foes were buried or never heard of again while at the same time blessings came from unexpected new life.

Yet new acquaintances continued to arrive, Christmases, birthdays and other war-related celebrations were still acknowledged. And while those who lived in Clementine’s three houses waited for the war to play out and end, they each knew that life would never be the same again. Moreover, when the end of the war finally presented itself, it brought both tragedy and surprises.