Molly Cutpurse

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Miss Wetherby’s Time in 1941

ISBN: 9798486033216

Published: September 2021

Pages 319

Language: English

Along with her closest friend, Aadhirai, and Jeremy her new sweetheart, Miss Wetherby begins to fully experience the harshness of a London devastated by war, with its limitations of food, clothes and travel, at the same time as realising that death could put an end to everything at any moment.

Many issues concerning their friends remain unresolved causing great anguish but comfort can always be found in the smallest of ways. However, while there are new and hopeful relationships for some, other issues can only be resolved by estrangement, imprisonment or even death.

Nevertheless, as Miss Wetherby’s personal triumphs and tragedies are played out against the larger canvas of the Second World War, on the days when she reminisces about her former life in India that she remembers so dearly, she realises that even now, in her new life, by the war’s end, she feels she will have lost many new friends.

All the same, Miss Wetherby, as was her father, is competitive and she accepts that, as a women who was once raised in such a tender Victorian manner, she has earned the right to fight for the things in which she believes. Therefore, her indomitable spirit soars, even when it seems her own death is near.