Molly Cutpurse

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Observing the Dead

Published: April 2018

68 pages

Language: English

In London during the year, 2466, one of its most singular and advantageous subjects was granted the journey of her life. That is, she was allowed to travel back in time to witness how London used to be.

Naturally the expedition would be undertaken in the safest and controlled manner possible and the subject’s bionic body was genuinely thrilled as it had been one of her earliest dreams to undertake such an adventure.

When she was informed, her small robotic head was brimming with excitement. But not, Sofon, her protector and friend, who did not want her to leave. What could go wrong?

Not a thing of course because the suit and the C.A.R.N.Y equipment would protect her. But Sofon had her doubts, and hundreds of years absent from her proper time, the protector’s uncertainty appears to be becoming a reality.