Molly Cutpurse

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Peter and April

ISBN:  978-1-326-06596-6

Published: October 2024

Print Length: pages 186

Language: English

When Peter met April in the summer of 1946, his family speculated it was a match made in heaven. Therefore when the couple married in 1953, Miriam Barker hoped that her son would keep their large family together in Stratford. However, the circumstances and excitement of the nineteen fifties overran the significance of his parentage and, to his mother’s dismay, Peter, a newly qualified policeman, chose to live in a flat in Barkingside, historically part of Essex.

Here they would meet a variety of characters very different from the ones they had known during their time in East London. Close friends, private confrontations, a death or two, secrets and pregnancy: these became subjects that were part of any newly married couple moving to a new home. But then after a move to the south coast, seventeen years later, April’s very existence is threatened…

Peter and April is the eleventh book in the successful series about the life of the Miriam Barker family, mainly concentrating on Miriam herself.