Molly Cutpurse

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ISBN 978-1-4452-0969-2

Published: October 2009

Print Length:198 pages

Language: English

The comic adventures of a modern mythological individual who lives side by side with us in our world. Supertranny lives in the heart of a great nation. Born with unimaginable gifts, she lives in the hearts and souls of those she helps. She is imaginative, humorous and spectacularly beautiful! Moreover, she has a wardrobe to die for as well!

An ordinary soul, mostly doing any job she can, but a supertranny when she hears that cry for help with her super hearing. Only three people know her masculine identity and they have vowed never to reveal it.

Day and night, people go about their business soundly, knowing that there is someone here on earth who is unbreakable and who has unimpeachable moral fibre and character. She protects the innocent and saves the stupid and unworthy. Her name has become legion. Her acts, supernatural, for she is…Supertranny!

But from out of the earth rises a savagely fierce and ancient monster, intent on subduing the population. His presence takes Supertranny to the edge of her capabilities.

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