Molly Cutpurse

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The Adventures of Fizz and Fan

Published: May 2023

Language: English

1,575 pages

Between 2009 and 2022, I wrote a heptalogy of original time travelling fantasy novels. They did not do good business so I pulled them from circulation and after a substantial rewrite, all seven has been re-released in one volume under a new title: The adventures of Fizz and Fan. A reimagining. 1,575 pages, 164 chapters and 496,235 words. Enjoy!

The adventures of Fizz and Fan is a comic fantasy telling the story of an ordinary couple who come in contact with two aliens who arrived on earth over a millennia ago. The story grows from comedic time-travelling exploits to encompass complicated and difficult emotional issues. Revenge, hate, betrayal and loyalty are in abundance as one of the female aliens becomes a companion to the couple.

Over sixteen years, it becomes increasingly difficult for the couple, with the help of Queen Anne Boleyn, and Molly, a once illiterate ‘woman of the night’ from the early nineteen-century and who becomes their unreliable wordsmith and friend, to codify and chart the transformation of their (very) complex activities and personalities.

As they explore and solve problems in over seventy time periods, it means that their friendships and time-travelling abilities are no insurance for a contented life as they work together to save everybody’s futures.