Molly Cutpurse

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The Children of Farthing Green

ASIN: B08NF235Z1

Published: November 2020

Pages 234

Language: English

Imagine the knock of leather on willow on a summer’s afternoon; the call of an umpire, ‘owzat!’ Tea on the greenish of lawns; a white haze over the long spiky grass beneath the trees of a summer meadow; polished brass and a whiff of steam as an express comes to a standstill at a country halt; church bells drifting in snatches on a lazy breeze; the taste of blackberries in the sun and ladies in their white dresses and hats cycling to church.

Set in 1924 close to an idyllic Cornish village by the sea, this sounds peaceful and lovely, doesn’t it? How wrong can you be?

When sixteen year old Bethany loses her parents, she is sent to spend the summer on the estate of Farthing Green. There, along with her cousins, Lamorna and Simon, she will solve a four hundred year old mystery that contains a suggestion of the supernatural.