Molly Cutpurse

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The Cornish Wheel

ISBN 978-1-4709-4817-7

Published: November 2011

Print Length:177 pages

Language: English

1965. At eighteen years of age, Jack Webber is friendless and not the most popular of men, despite belonging to a wealthy London family. Shy and slightly dysfunctional from a lifetime of abuse, and recovering from pneumonia, he is sent to convalesce at Kelynek House in Western Cornwall, which is owned by his estranged uncle and his young wife, a passionless, yet mysterious native of the area. There, Jack quickly falls in love with Jacqueline, a twenty-seven year old reclusive woman artist and writer of children's novels who lives, apparently in 1946, in an isolated cottage.

However, this is not just a regular time-travel fantasy love story. For what Jack ultimately uncovers is immeasurably far more bizarre, abnormal and disturbing.

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