Molly Cutpurse

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The Detective

ISBN 978-1-4717-1516-7

Republished: 2024

Print Length: 201 pages

Language: English

Wishing to emulate his hero, the great fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes, and arriving from a wealthy family in Ghana, Mr Gabriel Chukwumereije  arrives in London willing to do and say anything to advance his cause. Posing as a simpleton, he is in reality, an intelligent, good looking, arrogant and wealthy psychopath. His only problem is…it is 1960.

Becoming involved with what seems at first a trivial matter of inexplicably received, profoundly immoral and wicked Christmas cards, as the case unravels, the narrative widens and extends back to the dark days of the Blitz and thenceforth to murder as his investigation takes its toil of the local’s lives.

Taking on a position as a cleaner in a local police station, in an era when racism was on the increase, Chukwumereije’s socially-inept manner and his lying and deceptive sociopathic nature destroys everything he touches as the once seemingly simple case begins to challenge even Gabriel’s intelligence.

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