Molly Cutpurse

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The Herb Girl

ISBN 978-1-291-90618-9

Published: February 2010

Republished 2014

Print Length:266 pages

Language: English

A novel about the great divide, the complication that may be the after-life, our relationship with it, and what we believe it could be.

By way of a damning gypsy's curse, a Scots-born female rogue, savage inexplicable accidents, murder and two of the oldest sexual dysfunctions known to civilization, The Herb Girl chronicles a few months in the life and close family of a bewitching, heavily-pregnant, Cornish-bred herbalist, whose life is not entirely guiltless. The Herb Girl is a self-contained maze, a story involving poisoning, manslaughter, spiritualism, explosives, and rage. But who is the narrator? What is his wholly abhorrent secret and why is he so personally judgmental?

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