Molly Cutpurse

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The House In Carter Lane

ISBN: 978-1-326-20014-5

Published: February 2024

Print Length: pages 267

Language: English

A four part novel set in Carter Lane near St Paul's cathedral, London. Almost half a century after Clifton buildings, built 1701 was constructed by a Mr Robert Clarkson & Sons, the landlord is now a miserly and deliberately cruel money lender called, Mr Scrooge.

Renting a ground floor flat and shop from him is Mr and Mrs Percy Radcliffe, an impoverished, newly married couple struggling to run a funeral business in 1843. Their descendants run the same business in 1892, and during the December blitz of 1940 as well. And finally there are eight people living their solitary lives in 2009 in converted flats.

On their Christmas days, over the centuries, what have these people in common? Is their uncommonly good fortune because they happen to live in the same building, or is there a more spiritual and indefinable reason? Have their Christmas experiences anything to do with what happened to the old money lender one Christmas morning all those years ago in 1843?

Yes, Miriam Baxter visits! And Bert too! Thematically, The House In Carter Lane deals with elements of love, fate, luck and serendipity. In this novel, algorithm has not taken the place of soul.