Molly Cutpurse

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The woman who won Euromillions

ISBN: 978-0-244-50176-1

Published: July 2019

Pages 291

Language: English

South London widow, Edith Aveling loves her two daughters and her son. She undoubtably lives for them. She’d do anything for them. She even works all hours as a minimum wage domestic to give her mature children all they need after her husband died in tragic circumstances eleven years previously.

Then, on one average day, never having bought any before, in an act of imprudence, she purchases a single EuroMillions lottery ticket and finds herself the recipient of over £137,000,000. She consequently thanks her good sense that she asked to remain anonymous as she finds her situation overwhelming.

Yet overnight, try as she might to keep her family the way they were, her life becomes a struggle to keep the honesty of her children and to prevent herself from losing everything of value as she invariably becomes a different type of woman with whom she is not familiar at all.